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Vim - the ubiquitous text editor

Vim is a highly configurable text editor for efficiently creating and changing any kind of text. It is included as "vi" with most UNIX systems and with Apple OS X.

Vim is rock stable and is continuously being developed to become even better. Among its features are:
  • persistent, multi-level undo tree
  • extensive plugin system
  • support for hundreds of programming languages and file formats
  • powerful search and replace
  • integrates with many tools

  News  Vim 8.1.1929 is the current version 

Successful VimConf 2018 in Tokyo

[2018-12-01] VimConf was very well organised and there were many interesting talks. I have done a keynote, I hope it was appreciated. You can find the slides listed here. (Bram Moolenaar)

Happy Vim birthday!

[2018-11-04] 27 years ago the first version of Vim was published: 1.14 The date "November 2" can be found in the binary, so that's the official birthday of Vim. You can see my 25 year presentation on Youtube (Bram Moolenaar)

VimConf 2018 in Tokyo

[2018-10-19] The one and only Vim conference will be held on November 24 in Tokyo. You can see the program here. Unfortunately, it's already completely sold out! I'm happy to be invited to do the keynote. (Bram Moolenaar)


Recent patches

Patch 8.1.1929
Problem: No tests for text property popup window.
Solution: Add a few tests.
Patch 8.1.1928
Problem: Popup windows don't move with the text when making changes.
Solution: Add the 'textprop" property to the popup window options, position the popup relative to a text property. (closes #4560) No tests yet.
Patch 8.1.1927
Problem: Code for dealing with script files is spread out.
Solution: Move the code to scriptfile.c. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #4861)
Patch 8.1.1926
Problem: Cursorline not redrawn when putting a line above the cursor.
Solution: Redraw when the curor line is below a change. (closes #4862)
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Vim power tool

Vim: The power tool for everyone!

See pictures of Bram's latest visit to Uganda on Google Photos.

Read the visit report on the ICCF website.

  Recent Script Updates  5,677 scripts, 13,092,826 downloads 
[2019-08-25]  fixkey : Use non-ASCII keys in console Vim
(0.3.11) - Delay Fixkey setup at startup to avoid interfering with Vim's terminal   negotiations.  This works around issues with newer Xterm versions (see   https://github.com/drmikehenry/vim-fixkey/issues/11).  Startup delay is   controlled via |g:Fixkey_setupDelay|. - Silently skip Fixkey setup when running with Neovim.  Fixkey's features   are not required on Neovim, as that editor already suppor... - Michael Henry
[2019-08-25]  RunCommand : Run shell command within a vim buffer
(1.1) Fix the issue that multiple lines do not work. - Xiaopan Zhang
[2019-08-25]  readline.vim : Readline-style mappings for command-line mode
(20190824) - Add option to disable C-t in incremental searches - To preserve Vim 8's command to go to previous match - Elias Åström
[2019-08-21]  sh.vim : Indenting for Shell script
(5.10) fix: Brace, paren and comment line. - Clavelito Cla
[2019-08-20]  fugitive.vim : A Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal
(3.0) Use custom format for :Gstatus, not literal git status output. Inline diffing in :Gstatus, with support for staging individual hunks. List unpushed and unpulled commits in :Gstatus. Show rebase status in :Gstatus. Greatly expanded set of mappings in :Gstatus. Try g?, c?, and r?. :Gstatus p (add --patch) is changed to P. :Gstatus U (checkout/clean) is changed to X. New U behavior is global re... - Tim Pope
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